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hurricane earl barreling through the tropics and heading for the east coast. lattst path of the storm and when it could hit maryland.ú summer vacaaion is overmentú how he fiist ay back to school went and his plaas for the school year. ♪ when you can cure your biebee sold out concert. good morning..3 %t's wednesdayy septemberrfirst.
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let's go to mmteorologist steve fertig because everybody wants to know wwat is happening with hurricane earl.3 do yyu neee to change their ú%cation plans. p>> best thing to do is to just3 delay it a little bit. if you're headed ouu on friday dayying, head out later in the and then you will be finee by theetime you get into friday, hurricane earl will be passing it's ot expected to make a landfall and it's still going to let's take a look around the ú%gion, 77 degrees, and temperatures as we head in baltimore. rathee warm in baltimore. 65 degrees a lot cooler in salisbury. as you can see, it's dry on the hd radar over the entire state. we are watching as high pressure and then we willlsee rainshowers -eer off to the north and east as well. the ones you saw in the midwest and then comes earl. eaal coming up the eastern
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seaboaad. the frontal bounnaries will move to the north and east out of our way. sunny ann hot today and tomoorow. wwtching earl tuesday niiht into friday but a pleasant weekend to -ollow with low 80s then. righh now lauren cooke has the traffic edge.ú >> reporter: thank you, sttve. if youure traveling northern baltimooe ounty, you want to watch out for a fallen tree aad fortunately no problems to report on the harrisburg expressway as we check and take a ive look attharris road. ú%'re looking t 53 miles ppr hour, steve tracking the3 southbound laaes. it should be an easy ride as yo3 ú%ke your waa to the beltway. the beltway will be clear from i didn't hav!!95 to 83 it's clear. no problees to report from 795 to 95, you're looking at an3 11-minuue trip as well with an average strip 55 miles er hour. and a route from 695, you're
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lookinn at an average speed of 62 miles per hhur. the traffic edge report, pptrice, back to you. maryland repares for the worst from hurricane earl. the storm issexpecttd to hit just assthe holiday weekendd3 approaches and it's already impacting vacation plans.ú megan gilliiand is llve from theport of baatimore where many have haa a change f plans so %-good morning, mgann >> reporter: good morning, patrice. alreedy two cruiseeships that left here from the port of baltimore have been impacted byú hurricann earl. the carnival ride and the royal caribbean enchantment of the i1i10 raries and destinations to earl is ripping through the -aribbean and he is leaving a trail of damage in its path. this is what t looked like at the virgin islands after earl showed uppthere. strong winds wreckeddhavoc in
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st. john's bay. this waa.ages in the doll minutn %--mergency officials to plan fr what is the big danger here? >> nowwtheegood news is thatt3 this storm is preddcted to loss strength as it moves north, but officials are still arning that %-the u.s. because of the severe flooding. you should expect that there's go to be pounding rain, some high winds and very daagerous waves out there ii the coming days. livv frrm theport o!! the port , megan gilliland.3 fox 45 mor 45 morning news. he marrlaad emergency agency is keepinn an eye on joel d smith is live ith the latest preparations.
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good morning, joel. >> repprter: good morning. patrice. they're looking at a lot of different maps. ú%en though ttis unlikell to come to our area here, and maybe not even hii the eastern shore so bad, you ggt to beeready. we have talked bout what youú should. we have is the ssuff laid out here right now. let's get to ed, and see what are you seeing onnthe most >> the most recent maa is keeping it 200 ilee out to sea. we will have issues with surf at ocean city and we will have ppoblems with swimming and we will have further problems this weee. -nd some issues with small coastal flooding.ú >> reporter: let's go through it quickly. winter or the hurricane, you're sayyng his is the stuff, right? ú%>right, no matter, what the storm, hhrricane,,tornados, these are kits you should have -ll the time. some weather issues, playing cards, and board gaaes ann thhngs to pass the time ii
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you're stuck in a sselter. special dietary needs, pets -upplies and baby if you have babies. a change of clothing, batteey, flashlight and battery, cash beeause atm may not work. nonperishable food stuff and a nonelectric can opener. >> reporter: and you got to the batteries for the radio ask3 things like thattand the first aid to finiss it off..3 a lot oo stufffbut if you have %-we will tell you what else you need to know for this weekend. we're hhreeat the maryland emergency management. joee d smith, fox 45 morning ú%ws.3 it's a possibl popular laboy weekend. coast guards are keeping an eye on rip currents. luckily many swimmers are not venturing too far out into the
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instead ttey're keeping their toes close toothe shore. exactly is a rip currrnt and how can you sppt oneebefore you get caught? >> anywhere ou have a wave break, you have ubbles on the surfacc..3 where the rip current thht water is moving out faster than it it is in other areas, so the %-out farther in the sea in that area than it does anywhere else. it looks like there'' floating foam on the surface where theú rip current is? >> if you do get caught in a rip current, do not try to swim toward the shore. swim parallel to the shore and once you're out of the current you can try to make your way to land. stay with foo 45 foo conninuing coverage f hurricane earl..3 we will bring you the very latest on the hurricane track in all of oor news casts. wwewill ave reports from oceaa city starting tonight at fox 453 news at 10:00. that brings us to question of the day. are you changing your labor dy weekend planssbecauueeof
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hurricane earl? our 7:00 hour. you can also go toú and tell us -hrough facebook. sound off -end us a tweet at fox baatimore or you can text your answer to (410)481-4555. enter fox 45a ffr yes or ffx b communee is alert affer police say a maxed man section -- a masked man sexually assaulled a 83 year--ld woman. -oman's home ann attacced her. he thennfled on foot but not before living what is believed to be the victim's quult in a neighbor's yard. >> i understand that hh pulled it from unde underneath of er. maybe he was afraid there was evidence on ii.ú >> police are lloking for a he is described as having a large build. in the meantime they have stepped up patrols in that
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community. a former cathhlic school teacher convicted of raping a student in the 1970s continuess3 his efforts to to get out of prison. john mers backer has filed an appeal that he hopes will3 improve his chancesmen!.ú earlier this year a judge ruled that the attorneys did not give him the optionnto accept a plea have given 10 yeaas but instead he was sentenced to life in jail. the judge said that the mers backer should be offered the deal again, but another judge has to go along with it first.ú he isspealing the need forú another udge'' approval. todaa stephanie rawlings-blake is expected toúas for 011 inaugural event. there wiil also beea sneak peek of some the cars that will be3 featured. the ndy car seriee have been confirmee as a participaat inú the race. it's all expected to take place
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next year. coming up keeping tabs on kids at all timee. ú% it's a backup system for us so that we can find that child ú% any giien time ii we need to3 i think it's just alleviated a lot of our pprents fears.%⌞>> td to give parentssand teachers peace of mind. i'm emily gracie live at the maryland stateefair grounds to 3
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>good mmrning, emily. good morning, patrice, so even if it's hot when yoo are coming to the staae fair, theee's a lot toodoo too. i'mmtalking to amanda, the director of the 4h project and projects that hee4hers id and -ell me about the department.3 >> we have clotthig, photography, fine rts, group %-crafts, woodworking, ellctric. so science, and look at this >> what department is this rom? >> this is an aars and crafts and it falls n our recycled you can definitely tell it's recycled beccuse they usedú pieces of cardboaad that they got from gift boxes or thiigs that thiigs were shipped that they pulleddapart. >> this made by a 4her in our
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seniir category. he is between the age of 14 and and i jjst love the ood burning and the detail on the top of his bench. these 4hers work all yearlong and this is the showcasing of their projjct. >> tell me what the 4hers are. ú% head, hands and health. ú% i always wondered what. you can check out the 4h building heee. the fair is going on through th3 6th of september.3 we will be out here all morning and bring you the latest n all one of biggest attractions attthis yeer's fair wwll be a concert featuring justin bieber. %-suuonsunday, septembbr 5th. the show is sold out, but you can win tickets from us sometime
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today. bett michaels will be -iccets are ssill available, bbt we have tickets to give away.3 cans to win. get you into the fair for free.3 you ccn in a family 4 pack to the maryland tate fair if you are a the 4th or 5th caller at (410)481-4545. today is stilllfair weather -p bsolutabsolutely, patrice warm,,95, and tomorrow 93 for fridayy we should be okay, because most of the ctivity ssoulddbe -- eastern shore. ú%say had a with someecaution. checkiig out hd radar,,you're looking over a dry scan ovee the area right now as we take a look have hurricane earl.
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we're looking at different computer models tracking in %-mmst of it keeps it offshore.t ú%e, however, ssows that it ú%mes towwrd the southern part of the chesapeake ay. that is hoping that doess'tú happen, of course. most of the computer models have it moving off the eastern seaboard. it coull still be that we get strong r high surf and strong rip currents wiih damaging winds as well for the souttern part of ú%e eastern shore. ww want to watch it closely. high pressure may be of -ssisttnce as we move furtherú points east ann brings us a pretty day. as it moves further points east it may help pull hurriccne earl out to sea some.3 we are hoping that the frontal boundary whiih can bring coolee airrfor the wwekend helps to push hurricane earl fuuther poiits east and out of our way. of course, as i said, the tracking could move further ppints west n which case all bets are off aad bettee exercis3 aan cauuion and being safe 127-mile an our winds. -55-mil!!-mile-an-hour gusts ast
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tracks to the north and east. -t pushes away from the delmarvv peninsuua accordinn to the conn of uncertainty, e call it. the blue area showing it generally where we expect it to be in the central part of thee3 that area uulikely scenario. you saw a omputerrmodel taking3 it further point west. way, but there's that possibility. we need to watch t each and everyyday.ú fiona is behind it. this one tracks a littll further be that much of a threat.look to 76 degrees for the current temperature at the inner harbor3 clear skies, winds are calm. 78 degrees in baltimore, but elsewhere, 76 in d.c. and cooler, 65 in salisbury and 65 in hagersttwn. to 92 degrees for the astern shore with plenty of sunshine, ceetral part of the state climbing to 95 degrees with a 95 degrees the high today with a lot of sunshine there.
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as far as the rest of the day, 90 degrees by noon anddtopping around 3 to 4:00 with the 95-degree high.ú a miid night with mainlyyclear skies aad tomorrow, 92. hot. the day we are watching the possibilityyof earr as we are making the influence kkown to the ssuuhern portion of the eastern shore. 80 degrees on saturday, coolerr sunshine as we move into sunday and labor day, mostly sunny for your tuesday. now here is lauren cooke >> reporter: thhnk you, steve. if you're traveling in haaford for a disabled car in bel aii.uu it's going to be on the route 523 at oute 22. county where a allen tree andúe ddwn wiies have ssuttown monk roadd this is going to be between manna road and gleenbury road. ú%'re takinn a live look at
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warren road. speeds are clocking in at 48 miles per hour along the southbound lanee. ii should be a nnce, easy ride as you make wheee yo your ay te if you're using 95 to get into the city, no problems to report. cars are moving long at 395. through tte fort mchenry tunnel and a 5-minute ride through thh harbor tunnel. back o you. still to come back too3 school. head of city schooos plans for year.child in theenew school now, it's time to turn the page. >> and next, a newwera in iraq. what millitary leaders are expecting after the official chaage f command j@t
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aer 7 years thh war in iraq is over. and as samantha hayes reports, today a formal change of command about mark the official end of the commat mission in the countryy -p defense secretary robert gates is in iraq aaong with viie president joe biden. ú%formal transfer of command ceremony in baghhaa. the president barack obama announced the end of operation iraqi reedom tuesday night from the oval office. iraq's interest.3 it's in our own. the united statts has paid a iraq in hands of its people. of ccaimed the lives of more than3ú 4700 u.s. troops. the president says while the combat mission has come to a close, about 50,000 u.s. ttoops will remain to help the iraqi people. >> advicing aad assisting iraq's securityyforccs. supporting iiaqi troops and
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countering anniterrorism missions and protect bein!!ing r sillians..3 all u.s. troops will leaae by the end of next year. >> reporter: while president obama sayy the end of combat operattons in iraq is the fulfillment of his promise. generally ccedited to bringing stability to iraq. >>the strategy of ssrge was oriiinaoriginated byypresident k that president ow obama opposedt toothe point that he voted toú cut off all funds. p> president obama also his speech on uesday niggtú saying his prioritt will be to restore the economy. in washington i'm samantha hayes. oming up a troubling nnmber of troubled banks. how many hundreds of banks are on the verge of financial3 coolapse. aad marylaad braces foo hurricane earl.
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we are live as weetrack the latest path of the storm ann when t could hit maryland. 6:23 is the time. ú%u are watchinggfox 45 morning news, all local all morning.
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a surprise increase in consumer confidence sent stocks higher in the early going, but the rally lost steam when the federal reservv shooed an unusual amoont of disagreement handle the econooy. ending at 21 por!! 2114 and s&pú
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virtually flat. we have seen plenny of neeative reports on the housing market rrcently but there's promisinn news. gained 3.6% over the laat year.s prices have increased over three straight months. that has been attributed o the government's home buying creddt ú%ich has expired. p>> the government's list of trouble bankssis at the hiihest level since 1983.3 829 banks are said to be at risk so ar this year, 118 banks have failed. foo bbsiness brref, i'm stan case. coming up it's back to the3 books. the citt's top educators go for -yur child in the new school yearr aad hurricane earl already impacting holiday vacation plans. i'm megan gilliland. ú%e cruise ships out of port baltimore that are forced to
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redirect. ú%> i'm joel d smith live at where they have all kinds of maps at their finger tips and all kinds of thinns to look at, but which ones make the most sense when yy
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welcome back to fox 45 morning news. you are taking a look at the people's plans have changed3
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because of the hurricane earl. let'' get to meteorologiss steve hurricane that is causing people out on cruissssto change. >> it's a bad place to be. and inland it depends on which most of thee are taking it out3 to sea. you can see it's rather dry at as we look at the computer mode3 and checc ouu what we have as far as this frontal boundary that is coming n our irection and hopefflly pushing it out. i thought it wouud bring ii p. i'mmgoing to do it anyway.%let't %-there's the exiewwtou computel showing you different paths. havoc for us.d certainlyywreckú we don't thinn it's going to be that way. strong winds for tte southern part of the eastern shore. that is more likely for lattr on thursday into fridayy -e will talk about hh pathway in a little bit. for right now, let's go to
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lauren cooke with track edge. in baltimore couutyywhere weere fallen wirrs in monktonn it's shutdown manna road and glen berry court. no problems to report in the harrisburg expressway. ccecking and takiig a live look at warren road. traffic is moving aong ust fine, 57 miles per hour clockin3 in along the southbound lanes a3 you head toward the beltway. no problems to report at 695. if you're traveling along outer loop lanes, an average speee of 544miles per hour. traffic is starting to picc up from 795 to 95, you're looking att 12-minute trip with an average speed of 52 miles per hour. it you're traveling 95 in anne arundel county, it will be clear from route 100 to the beltway,3 where you're looking at a 66minute drive with an average spreed of 56 miles per hour. that's the raffic edge repprt. patrice, back to you. hurricane earl hasn't even
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already he is puuting a big damper on hooiday vacation megan gilliland is live from the %-people are having to change their schedules. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patriie..3 two cruise ships that left right here from the port of baltimore have already been impacted by hurricane earl. both of ttose two ships,,the ú%rnal ride and the royal cariibean enchantment of the seas were forced o hange directions in order to avood dangerous conditions ouu there. take a look at what we're dealing with. this is video from the virgin islands. strong winds wrecked havoc in st. john's bay. and parts of the ominican republic, earl's fury caused power outages and has left some homeless. >> the caribbean is sstrmy. it's not respecting us. it took the eetire side of our home. the firewood, the palm trees,ú theeout houue. happennis it takes our home. >> right now earl is rrpping
6:34 am
it's expected to the run parallel toward the u.s. east coastline aandcould hit maryland %-is predicted o lose strengthú %-because of severe flooding. if you're on the coastline, you3 need to be ready for heavy rrin, strong winds and dangerous3 waves, too. live from thh port of baltimore, megan gillilandd fox 45 morning news. prepared? joel d smith is live at thh maryland emergency anagement agency as ittpreppres or all of the possibilities ater thiswee. good morning, joee. >> reporter: good morning. patricee you should be prepared no matter what.ú if the track doesn't look like -t's coming directly at us. you never know. let's take a look at the maps here as we are talking to ed mcdonough. can you get information overloadd is there too mucc out there at one time. >> that shows the probability of
6:35 am
tropical storm winds and huuricane windd bearing from the preeicted track of the storm.ú this middle map, the rotating map is showing areas where theee may be risk for thunderstorms >> reporter: nothinggthere for us? >> o nothing, in our area. the far mmp in the far left shows the possible cones for both earl and fiona throuuh the3 atlantii. that is part of what we caal the evacuation pprt and it doesn't -ook liie we are going to have already made the turn upwardd.l. >> right. >> reporter: you are saying all 50 models are saying the same thing. whattis that? probably a couple oo miles %-be surf issues and wind at ocn city but no serious issues righ3 now.ú >> reporter: oven does it ho3 it show, half and half because the models are different? >> some of the storms that we had earlier this year.
6:36 am
some of the onessthat went into theegulf they had ad a divergence. seem to be together on this one. we will be prepared and we will be looking at this all morning. live at arrland headquarrers, joel d smith, fox 45 morning news. it's a popular labor daa ú%ekend travel destiiation, but signs of hurricane earl has made waves in age ocean city. the strong under toe is creating dangerous conditions at the beach. luckily many swimmers are not venturinn to far out into thee3 innseadd hhy're keeping their toes close to shore. rough seas caused by hurricane dannelle may have claimed one life in ocean city. melcus gaa ow delgado disappearo saaurday. he went swimming after coast3 guards had left or the day. thh rip currents led to 500
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stay with fox 45 morning news for cootinuing coverage of hurricane earl. we will ring you the latestt3 track of the hurricane in all of we will have reports from ocean city starting tonight at fox 45 ttat brings us to the question of the daa. are you changinggyour labor day %-hurricane earl??3se of we will take your calls in our 7:00 hour. tell us whaa you think and sound off through facebook. you can text your answer tt 45203. enter fox 455 for yes, or fox 45b for no. the majority of freeerick county lawmakers don't wantú maryland o adopt an immigration law similar to the one recently approved in arizona.ú yesterday county commissionnrs voted againss including aú similar measure in a package of proposals that will gooto the next year's general assembly. the measure would have required
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police to question criminnl suspects about their immigration status. ii would also prohibit employers %-for day mmigrrnts >> illegallimmigration is immoral. it's unamerican, it creates black marketssfoo people. it robs the people of the nnt welcomed here if you're here illegally. >> casa de maryland wwsn't issue but on its weebite, the group says regarding arizona's immigration law t's legglized racial profiling and it's an rights especially latinos. ♪ ♪ it's a bit of a twist on maryland's orse racing trrdition. all this wwek instead of hhrses, %-fair.ll be racing at tte state the pigs start racing at 5 weekú ood and then they hang their running shoes after just two
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months. hey, if ppg racing is interesting, there's other draww at the maryland stateefair. that includes us, the fox 453 crew. how can weebeat the ppgg? the news team ill e at the fair this saturday starting at 3:00 in the afternoon. yyu can ssop by the fox 45 ooth tt say hi and have your picture ♪ they say that hate has been sent ♪ >> one the biggest attractions ú% this year's fair will be a concerr featuring justin bieber. will be performing live on sunday september 5th. -in tickets from us all this morning on fox 45 brett michaels will be performing tonight at the maryland state ffir. that starts at 7:00 ask ticketsd tickets are still availaale. fox 45 is the media sponsor of the fair and we have tickets for you. this is yourr ast chance to win. the 10th caller at (440)48114554 wins pair of3
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tickets to see bbett michaels. coming up think your kids got what it takes to do steve's job? meteorologist for the dayy ú%> traffic is starting to ppcc up on the west side of the beltway here at oll court road. i wwll show you
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. > kids are back innschool and
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you know what that means..3 weather id wednessay is back in session. if you'd like your kid tobe a part of ouu weather kid teacher, counselor send their ú%mination to 2200 or go to our steve, i an barely believe that it's already time for weather
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>> they have a lot to talk about right now..3 we have a hurricaae that is threatening our area. ww have been talking about it and you know its name earr. tte hd radar. hhweeer, as we cheek to the south where it's emanating fom. -ou will see assit moves p the coast, this is all comppter toward the southern part offthe chesapeake bay,,buttmost of it high pressure may help briig it offshore further and pull it north and east and ouu of our way. -nother thing that may help to do hat is a frontal boundarr ú%ll to the west. that part is good.3 we hope that it does push hurricane earl further points east. we can still get strong windss maybe 15 to 20-mile-an-hour winds. we on't expect it to, but itú certainly will be close nough that we need to keep an eye on this. althoogh it is ot looking that way right now.3
6:44 am
%-as we watch the courre making it, it looks like a turn by the cape pa patrice area and it will miss the e del mall van penins. otherwise we're keeping our eye on fiona. it's not expected to be much of ú-winds and gusting to 58 andur taking he pathway further ú%that looks to be more ofoth. anissue. -arl is more of a concern. lloking at temperatuues at 76 degreessinnbaltimoreistic i!n d.c. ann 59 in hagerstown. temperatures should climb to 92 deggees for the eastern shore. there's a lot of sunshine. the central part of the state should climb o 95 degrees with
6:45 am
another hot ay and a little mooe iewm id humid, too. -ack to the wwst, a high of 96 degrees with a lot of sun. we will get up to 90 by noon. it will bb a quick rise ii temperaturess and 91 att3 6:00 p.m. after getting to the high of 95 near 3 to 4 this afternoon. 69 overnight, a mild night ccmpared to the normal low of 61 with mainly clear skies, tomorrow 92 degrees and also the day.ot sunshine starting ut ú%again, our concern wwth earl begins late thursdaa anddinto friday with regard to those winds and high surf there. 89 degrees on friday, could see3 some showees as the front pushes froo he west. 80 egrees behind the frrnt. we do cool down. regarrless. 80 degrees on sunday,,labor ddy 83. 87 mostly sunny for your tuesday. right now? let's check in with lauuen cookk lauren.ú steve. if you're traveling in harford a disabled car on bel air the at
6:46 am
rrute 543 at routee22. problems persiit as ww make our way toward baltimore county where a fallen tree and fallen wires should shutdown glen ú%you want to use jarrettsville3 park as an alternate route we're looking at 65 miles pee hhurú traveling south on wwrren road. it should be an easy ride as you make your way toward the congestion on thh est side of theebeltway checking at old court road. you can see the outer loops are -tarting to jam, you do expect a we will see somm relief if there's travel, there was a bird in the camerr. you wiil see relief if you're traveling the beltway at ú%rkville. ú%reeis a look at harford road where there's no problems to reeoot on lang the inner r
6:47 am
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-pp>> one illinois school distr3 is using the same type of gps technology you can use on a road stuuents whh ride school buses. officials say ii's all in the name of student safety. eeeryystudent is accounted elemmntary and district officials will also know whenn3 each chill arrivvs back homee3 a new tracking system called d pass is at work on the district's buses and it didn't take long for kidd to figure t -ut. >> you walk up thereeand go like that and it makes a little beep and then you get to sit down. thennyou prrbably can't go. >> reporter: te $16,000 system works with a simple detection card attached3 to each child's backpack and a reader's device in each of the district's 10 bbses. superintenddnt kathleen casey insisted on getting z pass as soon as she hearddabout it. >> it's a backup system for us. so we can find that child at
6:50 am
anyttme we need to. taken care of. >> i had a child that got off at a friend's houss. it was still a call to a girlfriend's house but now it %-thha mommnt is a toughhmoment. >> reporter: now answers can be had in mere seconds whenú dealing with that tough moment. -p>> it's a great wayytt utilize techhology in this ay and age. -ny ouulet that we have for the safety of our children we should be doing. coming up in our 7:00 hour, spin and tore. >> we put one product that promisss to keep your lettuce
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new this morning, a former
6:53 am
catholic student accused of raping a student in the 70s is trying to get out of prison. he hopea federaa judge ruled ths backer attorneys didn'ttgive him the option tt accept a plea deal before the 1975 trial. the jjdge said that he should be another judge hassto go along with it first. federal prosecutors want a suspected drug kingpin to hand ú%er $10 million in drug pony. he and his two codefendants are charged with running a heroin ring that stretches rom new york to the dommnican republic. police believe that he was the shooting target at last year. 12 people remember hurt. he has attempted murder charges as a juvenile and an adult. the teachers have wo full days under their belt and so far so good. the top educator, dr. andres
6:54 am
at how it's going. >> good morring. >> when you left here you were starting a tour of all the schools in the city. how id that go? >> it went spectacular. we had a fantastic beginning. i actually tooched eveey single school. >> that's a lot of schools..3 -p>> sometimes it's like a 5ú minute conversstion with a prinnipal or a teacher. how is it going? i walk in. i tour tte grounds to make sure that everything is in place and yyu know, it's aaout havinn a sense oo whether the school is ready or not?3 >> the kids have been back for a coupleeof days,,what are the reportt that you're hearing? ppoblems or iss t all smooth sailing? >> it'ssbeen spectacular, really. ú%'s been an amazing opening. i have bben to nine schools. it's been tremennous. the smoothest opening in my fouu openings hhre by far and there's
6:55 am
- tremendous enthusiasm out on the ground. by the way, i do want to thank not only everybody who worked so hhrd withii the school system but all of those community partners and voluuteers who work with us to make sure that there was no paperrleft ovee the weekend. you knoww when people have football games, ttat -- those folks are sort of like silent heros in the ork that we do. i want to thank them. -p>> one part of the john i job3 getting the kids back to the school nd gettiig some of the summer off of them and getting them back in the mode of year. whattare the enchmarks that you %-each year you strive for something ew. we are entering iito an age of national standards. weeneed to get aaead of the ccrve on that. our ceo s completely focused that. secondly some aspects of the
6:56 am
work continue. we want to continue to provide parents with options. it's very immortant tt us.ú the reduction of thh drrp out rate in the city -- hassbeen from the beginninggtte most important benchmark for mm. the city doesn't become what it should be if kids aae not we want to --om hhgh school. >> what are the reasons that the continuing through? what is it that you're having to tackle to make sure that they do stay in school and graduate? >> i should say that we have reduced the drop out rate by over flee peecen 33% for the fis numbers later in the month. thee're incredibly important for effective is the reform. many, mann things, laak of with money,,lack of preparationn33 overtime. lack of engagement, the magnetic pool of thhngs that are not good for kids.
6:57 am
>> right. >> all of those things -- a lac3 %-child and what i hope the refm in the past three years aa been about is to make sure that eeery single child is important. full and weewill continue to check in with you thrrughout the school year. thank yoo so much. >> thank yyu very much. coming up in the 7:00 hour, back to school and outtof your reach. their kids saff while you're %->> reporter: hurricane earl already immacting holiday vacatioo plann. i'm megan gilliland. baltimore aaready forced to change directions. i'm joel d smith, live t mmryland emergeecy management models to figure out exactly where urricane earl is going. i tell what you,,if t comes our
6:58 am
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preparing us for what lies ahead. down our next road. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg.
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ú%> hurricane earl barreling -hroogh the tropics and heading we're live as we track the lltest path of the storm and when it could hit maryland. the 11 bbst days of summer are underway. %-the maryland's state fair.f ♪ ♪ and catch it.
7:01 am
when you can cure your bieber fever by winning tickees to a sold out concert. %-it's wednesday, seetemberrfir. how pretty that looks. maybe it's just the calm bbfore the storm..3 hhrricane earl ii headed this way, not alllparts of our area will get hit as badly as other parts. maybe the inner harbor will stay nice all weekend, we're hoping. meteorologist steve fertiggis herr to tell us. i know that the hurricane ouud really hit the eestern shore but for us. >> when we're tuck talkin talkit hitting we're talking about the effects of earl. 50 tt 70--mile-an-hour winds possible.
7:02 am
>> that is differenttthan what we would see here? the city. >> right. as you move inland, a diiferent effect. most of the models are keeping it offshore. the dry scan s looking pretty %-as we take a look at earl down in the south anddmoving in ouu general direction. each one of those lines represents a different compuuer model. most keep it out to sea. as far as the bus stop, it's quiet.ú -ll day long with 77 degrees starttng out and looking for the ú%t. frommthe 700 you see in thh central part of the state to 64 in salisbury and out toward on the east and western for temperatures to reallyook climb, 95 degrees for the high. it will beea hht one ooce again with the humidity picking up we ill talk more about earl certainly is iona as well as we get into the forecast earll. %-trrffii edge.nncooke has the >> reporter: thank you, stevv.
7:03 am
while we do have problems in deeling wwth an accident at -eisterstown it's going to be on route 30 and mont gilead road. if you're dealing with the west side of the beltway, we're dealing with extremeey slow speeds. you will see the outer loop lanes, are going to be jammed. ú%de from 795 with an average speed off55 miles per hour. traffic is starting toobuild from 95 toward 83. 70 miles per hour. it will be slow if you're ú%rrrdor of 95 ffom whitemarsh boulevarddto the beltway. you're looking at a 6-minute ride with an average speed of very slow 34 miles per hour. that's of the traffic edge report. patrice, back to you. the storm is expeeted to hit just as tte holiday weekend approaches. and it is already impacting -acatton plans. from the port of baltiiore wher3
7:04 am
plans. good morning, megan. >> reporter:: two ruise shiis that left from the port of baltimore ave already been impacted by earl. ú%e carnival pride and the oil caaibbeen enchantment of the dirrctions in order to avoid dangerous conditions out at sea. take a look at this map. this is what we're dealing with right noo. you can see that earl is ripping through the caribbean. the warm waterronly fueling its a trail of damage. strong winds wreck havoc in st. john's bay and parts of the dommiican republic, earl's fury caused wii damage and power outagesment noo he ioutages. now he is headed this way. governor o'malley et with emergency officials anddthe mayor of ooeen city to talk strategy in preparing for this sttrm. >> what is the biggest threat then. %-friday, what is the big ddnner
7:05 am
here? >> reportee: now the goodú news is that this storm is predicted to lose some strength assit moves north, but officials are still warning that this could trigger evacuations in the flooding. if you're on the coast, you need to be ready for heavy rain, strong winns and of course, ssm3 dangerous wavee out there. reporting live ffom port of baltimore, i'm megan gilliland. ffx 45 morning nnws. -p the maryland emergency mannggmeet agency is eepingga close watch on hurricane earl. joejoel d smith is live with thú latest on the preparations that they're making because you don'' know whaa is going to happen computer models say good things right now. >> reporttr: they do. they are looo at 15 computer model of the they haviig a the same thinn. it heeds off to the northeast away from maryland and out to sea which is good news when you're talking about the reaa damage that cannbe caused. because you never know, you have to be ready and that is why thh maryland national guard is read3 as well.
7:06 am
we have the lieutenant charlie how close youuare with being ii >> we're always ready. if there's any situation that occurs. all it simply takes is the governor tt declare a state of emeegenny and we starr to bring in people. >> reporter: giveeus a scenario, what could you do in the case of a hurricane? >> our role is tooaugment first responders. we can help with evacuations. -e can establish checkpoints if that is necessary, help controo >> reporter: when is the last time you were needed in a situation like a hurricane and a flood??3 >> hurrrcane isabel we called 600 guardsmen and we had 300 piecee oo equipment. >> reporter: he guys letting could happen. >> we are making sure ttat the equipment issat the right location. we reach out and reach our people if we need it. >> reporter: they're buss in the wintertime..33 they are hoping not to be busyy3
7:07 am
at this time. when the urricane sccnario everything looks like it's going you never know. joel dflt smith,, d smith, fox n neww. early siggs oo hurricane earl ave alleady made waves inú ocean city. life guards arr keeping a close the ssrong under toe is creating ú%ngerous conditions at the %-luckily maay swimmerssareenot3 venturing too ffr. to the their toes close head will be in enforce this weekend. what is a rip current and how can you spot one before you get caught. >> aaywhere where you have a waae, you have bubblee on the ssrface. whereethe rip current, water is moving ouu faster than it is n the other areas. the bubbles will make it ouu farther in the sea innthattarea than it does anywhere else.
7:08 am
form on the surface where the rip current is?ú >> f you do get caught in a rip current, do not try to swim toward the shhre. instead swii parallel to the shore. once youure out of the cuurentt you can make your way to land. stay with fox 5 morning ú%ws, with continuing coverrge offhurricane earl. we will ring you the latest on3 hurricane track on all of he news casts. we ill have reports from ocean city starting tonight onnfox 45 morning news at 10:00. that brings us the question of the day. weekend plans because of hurricane earl. we will take your calls later3 thhs hour. go to our website at and tell uu what i think or text your answer to 45203. enter fox 45a for yes, or ox 45b for no. is over for the u.s. during a speech last night presiient obama said the time has come to turn the page.
7:09 am
while the will have a missiin of support in iraq, he draw down offtroops will allow for a new ffcus in the fight against aa-qaeda. going forward, a transitional force of u.s. troops will remain in iraq with forces, supporting iraqi troops and coonter terrooism missions aad prrtecting our civilians.ú vice president joe buydent e bubuydentbiden and deffnse secre expecteddat a ceremony for a changeeof ommand. expect to share the streees with. >> reporter: i'm emily gracie live at the maryland state ú
7:10 am
7:11 am
7:12 am
have a little fun this week at the maryland state fair. meteorologgst emilyygracie is live there this morning with our hometown hot spot with sooe the things you can enjoy at the fairr talking all morning about the hot weather. not all of tte state fair takes3 place outside. we have been inside of the 4h ú%ilddng and we have been looking at amazing projects and i have one of the big winners. let's start with what you're wearinn right now. while this hah!! hasn't won yetl me what this. p> this s a dress i found and the whole outfit cost $12. >> what is the category you're eeteringg >> this is readd to wear and basically you try to find stuff at thrift stores and put ii together and see who goes cheaaest. >> tell me, this won fist place.
7:13 am
what issthis shouldd >> this issthe hat and scarf that goes alonggwith he skirt ú made. >> and napkins, whaa is that. >> this my dog's costumee i made it long withhmy outfit. when we goat out on a walk we will match. >> reporter: i'm excited about this one ou won here. what issthis? >> this is my sweet potato surprise and the surprise is thht it is veey nutrition but ú%ry delicious. >> reporter: i'm digging in cynthia. it looks delicious. i llve it, oh my gooh! it takes me back to thanksgiving. delicious food here and you an come out to the maryland state fair now through next monday. come out to the 4h building. a llt of stuff to see oot here. for more informaaion log on to ouu website at and a ú%patrice, back to some of that sweet potato surprisee the fox 45 crewwwill
7:14 am
be at the fair this saturday afternoon.t 3:00 in the you can stop by the fox 45 booth to say hi aad have a picture taken with members of tte news3 team. ♪ ♪ they say that hate has been sent ♪ ♪ to let those who talk of love >> ooe of the biggest attractions at this year's fair will be a concert featuring justin bieber. he will be peeformiig live on sunday, september th. the show is sood out, but yoo can win tickets from ussall this week here on fox 45 mornnng nnes you can check out the 11 best days of summer on us. you can win a family 4-pack of tickets to the family state fair %-right now at (410)481-4545. out on all of thh fun aad thes great weather that we have right now. meteorologist steve fertig ii here with a look. good morning, steve. good mooning, patrice. anddat state fair this weekend
7:15 am
it should be cooler. %-at theestaae fair if you're3es headed out with plenty of sunshine. -ecause, of course, we have been mainly concerned about the southern part of the eastern shore for that day with some heavy rain, perhaas in some parts of the area and vong winds, too. let's take a look at what we have as far as the current situation on the sky watch hd3 you're seeing cooler, clear -kies throughout the area, high pressure, again going to be with us all day llng. -e're keeping our eee to the south, of course, because thhse are different possible tracks that earl may take. eacc one of these represents a computer model. almost all of them taae it out3 to sea, but there'ssone thht %-chesapeake bay.oothern part of that one would be a problee but moot of thhm take it ut to sea. mthat is what we're expectinggad strong wiids at tte southern
7:16 am
part oo the eassern shore. high suuf aad waves 15--0 feet. obviously that is definitely an aree of concern still. high pressure for now keeping us dry. and arras aasociated going to dry out to the northeast. this front is goinn to bring us cooler air for the weekend. we are hoping it helps to push earl further points east and away from the maiiland..3 it's a category iii hurricane which is a still a major hurricane but not the cat gor cy -v hurricane. we want to watch the track. this s tte general one of blue. that is the area that is mostú likely as far as the projected in the center of that be you see along the lineeand making its way the peninsula afternoon. it could be that we get the strong waves and strong wnds as early as late thhrsday night affecting the eastern part of
7:17 am
the sttte down toward ocean city. closely. ú%'re going to look at tropical storm fiona that doosn'' appear to be much of a risk because it only as 46-mile a!mile-an-hour 3 bay miles an hour gustss it will traak, also, we believe %-eeen though it's moving p th3 theegulf. again, we ill take a generalú trend,,the same way but further west. as i say, not assmuch of a concern. 78 degrees at the inner harbor. rrght now things are quiet with calmmwinds ask a lot of sunshine. 66 is the dew point. it will be more humid, 75 inn3 d.c. and 64 in salisbbry and 70 in hagerstownn you can see the temperatures climb, 92 ffr the high at thh easteen shore..3 ppenty f sunshine there. kkif95 deggees for both the cena part of the state and out to the western art of maryland where you should get plenty of sunshine as well. look forrtheetemperatuues to climb quickly, 91 by noon.
7:18 am
and 91 shouud be the temperature around 6:00 after getting the high off95 t 3::0 or 4::0 in the afternoon. tonight, mild. i tell you mild because ttpically we drop to 66 degrees. instead we're thinking 69 or 70 tonight. tomorrow nother hot day, 92 degrees, expect more cloud cover late in the day as earl gets closer and the frontal we could have showers for pprts. of the sttte ca!! scattered abo9 for the high..3 look at hat happens behind he front and as earl moves out of here bb the weekenn. 80 degrees on saturday and monday and tuesday. let's see what is happening on the roadways. traffic edge. >> reporter: thank you, steve. weedo haveeproblems on several trouble n route 295 where we'r3 dealing with a crash along the northbound lanes there on route 32.ú if you're traveling thrrugh the harbor tunnel, we're dealing
7:19 am
with heavy delays in thaa vicinity all due to a diiabled car aaong the southbound lanes. as we check ii and take a live look, you will notice that traffic is going to be held ú%ght now. so you do not what not to use the for the mcheeny tunnel as thh alternate route. we are dealing with a bit of parkville taking a liveelook at harford road. you will notice the southbound lanes will be crowded. that will last as you make the push toward towson. if you're using the west side of the beltway, it's gone ooingg oú get worse. we do ave an accident that you want to watth out for in reisttrstown, that is going toú be on route 30 at gilead road. if you're traveling in monkton, and down wires that have down old york road between stockton road. you
7:20 am
as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. ú%
7:21 am
new this morning, a virginia company responsible for flights in the baltimore--ashingttn reeion is under fire for a -eeulted in crashes.hat almost the company over ees affect traffii controlllrs including at bbi and dulles and reagan national. dozens offer. >> reporter:!!of,er.>> reporte,.
7:22 am
here's going to be a sneak peek of some the cars that are going to be featured. the race. aa a particippte in it's all expectee to take downú downtown at labor day weekend next year. now with hurricane earl barreling towarr the east coast be changing.ace vackii acationy good morning. ppople are going to ravel over thhs weekend or do you not know yet, because you don't know what hurricane earl is going to do? ú-the path of the hurricane is3 chhnging. we got the watch for the neet 72 hours to see. we arr projecting more mariners
7:23 am
maryyanders to travel this year. we're anticipating 631,000, that is an inccease off10% lasttyear. planes. >> mostly driving. that seems to beea tradition on the labor dii holiday. they intend to log a round trip. it may impact travel. >> gas prices one of the reasons why everrbody is willing to take road trips these days. >> it's contributing to the upú tick in travel. we are seeing prices that areú $0.14 lower than memorial day and thee areethe lowest since mid-february. marylanders can expect to pay around 2.60e $2.60 a gallon. p>> if you'rr planning a roadú trip and you don't know what the hurricane is going to do. what are tips for peoole to bee3 safe out there? >> we advice travelers to check
7:24 am
the coastal city especiallyad coastal areas where conditions can change. if you're flying, check your airline status before you head out to the airport. check our hotel. call, find out what conditions are there, and many hotelsswillú allow youuto canal sell u canceo ú%rival. >> look ahead,,better safe than sorry. chrrstine, hank you very much. >> thannkyou. coming up on fox 45 mooning news, an elderly woman attacked in her home. the suspect police arr searching forr but next, classss are back in ssssion, how to make suue the focus in your household remains cockledoodledooooo! i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ ...and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections... extraordinary chicken.
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ny anxious parents dropped hair kids off at school waiving -ood and wishing them to have a good day. every parent wants thh best for theii child which includes keeping heir identities safe. we are wiih here with back to school reminders for parents. schooo, youu ant them to do o well. youu on't want them to give out all of their personaa information ..3 >> absolutely not.ú% >> let's talk abbut online because kids spend so much of their time there whhther it's playing or doing schhol work. how can you monitor what it is they are doing online? a ccuple of things, do common sense things, keep your chhld's can monitor what they're doing. safety tips parents can consider, they can buy tools
7:28 am
computer. block sites forrkids and protect kids. you ant to to your internnt service rovider bbcauue they lot of tools that paaents can access..3 -t can even block a chiid from giving personal informatton. >> should you have a conversation with the child about what is good information hold back. >> absolutely. thht conversation is so3 important o remind them not to give ut their name. >> iei encourage parents o keep parents out of chat rooms.ú a chat room once you put an ú%mail address in there,,it can be tracked. you don't want to give out that inforrationn keep them out of chat rooms. >> and there's programs to heep keep the kids protected while online. >> it gives us comffrt because
7:29 am
the laws tell a legitimatt company that you cannot ask personal information for a child %-you can't ask for the personal information. the problem is unethical that illegal businesses, the scam aatist who do these ggate sitee to lure ids in and then ask for it, thee don't care -- and ask for it, they don't care what the law says. aagie, thank you. ú%> if you want more information about the beeter businnss bureau,,log on to our websste at coming up hurricane earl is how holiday weekend plans are bbing affected. and a hurricane watch has already reached virginia. iim joel d smith, live at maryland emergency management whhre they're looking overall -te maps here to find out if those watches will reach our area as ell. straight ah
7:30 am
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welcome back to ox 45 morning news. lee's see what we can expect as weedeal with hurricane earl. the impackkof thwe're takine different computer models. here is what we're seeing. our area. as we move to the south that is what we're degree different pathways..3 most of ii take it out to sea and one brrngs it inland. most sseers it and that is going
7:33 am
to allow for less impact -bviously. still high urf and also strong winds and lso rip currents this weekend as ocean city. labor day weekend big weekend therr. of course, the labor day %-later on friday perhaps.leave today leaving aa the bus stop,3 not bbd, 74 degrees, clear skies, temperatures in the 70s for most of tte aree. 64 in salisbury and we''r headed towwrd about 95 degrees for the high today wiih lots of sunshine. at least for now, things are let's see what is happening on traffic edge. lauren. >> reporter: thank you, steve. fortunntely for those of you traveling through the harbor tunnel, the disabled has cleared from tte soothbound lanes of 895. as we take a livv look t the scene, no problems to reporr so ú% are dealing with annther disabled car at whitemarsh. that will be on the bbltway and it's leading to heavy, heavyú delays. you're lookiig at a 14-minutt trip with an average speee of
7:34 am
given mille per hour. we're deaaing with a lottof volume from 95 to 83.ú it will remain heavy from 795 to ú% you're looking at at a %-that's the traffic edge eppr3 hurricane earl hasn't even hit the u.s. coastline yet and already he is putting a big damper n holiday vacation plans. megan gilliland is at the baltimore port where many people are having a change in their schedule. %-two cruise ships that have let from the port oo baltimore have the carnival pride and theeroyal caribbean enchantmenttoffthe seas were forced to chaage
7:35 am
plans. in parts of the dominican -epublic eerl's winddfury caused power outagee. the caribbean is stormy. ii took the entire side of our the out hoose. now the on thing it can happen ii it aaks our home.ú >> right now the earl ii expected o run parrllel east of the coastline. it couud hit mmryland friday nowwthe good news, this storm is predicted to lose strength as it moves nooth. -fficials are still warning that it could trigger evacuations because of severe flooding. if you're on he coast, you need to be ready for heavy rain, dangerous waves out there as well. from the port of baltimore, i'm megan gilliland. fox 45 morning news. whattshould you do to be -repared. joel d smiih is live at the ú%ryllnd emergency management agencc as it prepares for whatever may happen later this3 week. good morning, joel.
7:36 am
yes, hey have to be prepare for anything. the watch, the hhrricaae watches have mmvvd north. hampton road area, that is norfolk. hurricane watch starting to move so now the executive director of what is the situation here here thinns are changing so quickly? >> it's hopping. we are looking at things to internal plans to starting to coordinate with the local jurisdictions anddwhatever their needs would be. it's very busy not necessarily within this center but within tte working spaces of our offices here. recommending to normal citizens to get ready and be prepared s well? >> the key is to pay attention to exactly what is going on out there. ú-where they are goiig so they have an understandinn iffthey have to move or evacuate. >> reporter: if you're going to the shore wait until after friday..3 >> i would suggest that based on
7:37 am
great time to head down. >> rrporter: you have so many maps and almost information over load. what do you like abouttthe ones we're seeing here. %-the ones leftthere is the rrtú trrck. ttat is giving us live data from it's telling us wwere the pathú will be and how close it will be. >> reporter: time forrone more. >> the one on the right is wind speed. as you see the green on the far hurricane strength inds omiig in. >> rrporter: it's nipping us and thh yellow s maybe a 40% chance of hurricane winds in so once again theetrack doesn't look like it's goiig to affect us too much, but an important changing. back to you. thank youu joel.3 it is a popplar labor ddy weekend travee desttnation, but the earl siins of hurricane earl have made waaes t ocean citt. life guardd are keeping a closs eye on ip currentt.
7:38 am
dangerous conditions at he luckily swimmers arr keeping ccoseeto he shooe..3 ouu in force this labor day weekend. hurricane earl isn't bad news for the beach goers, it's bad news for the businesses. businesses in ocean city rely for labor day weekend for the laattboost in sales. -any business owners are hoping3 that the hurricane doesn't scare away the crrwds. we are hoping for a lot of business, crowds, a ittle worried about tte rain, but youú know, people have already booked %-will continue to come down.ey >> any hotels normally find theeselves sold out on labor ay wwekend.3 today business owners are worrying abouu cancellation. stay with fox 45 morning news, for continuing coverage of hurricane earl. we wiil bring you the latest on3
7:39 am
%-city starting tonight at then news at 10:00. day weeks because of hurricane earl? (410)481-4545. and eel us what you think or sound off through facebbokment send us a tweet at fox baltiioo3 or text your answer to 45203, enter fox 45a for yes or fox 45b for no. an anne aaundel county morning afterra masked man seeually assaulted an 83 years inciient happened around 1:15 monday morning. investigators say the suspect broke into theewomaa's home in country club estates in glen burnie and a tacked her. he then fled on oot but not before leaving what is belleved to be the victim's quilt in a %-it from underneath of her, mae he was afraid there was evidence
7:40 am
on t. ú-white man in hii early 20s. large build.bed as having a in meantime ttey have stepped up patrols in the community. ú%> oming up, saving the money on a salad spinner. >> we put the spin and store to the wiil it work test. and we're dealing with heavy ú%ngestion on the west side of the bellway here at liberty road. %-clocking at 31 miles per hour %-clocking at 31 miles per hour along th shuttling the kids around, i pay the bills, and i want to know i'm getting the best bang for my buck. use your giant card and earn one gas rewards point for every dollar you spend. every 100 points means another 10 cents off per gallon at shell. this week, buy any four of these snack-time favorites and earn an extra 100 points on top of what you're already earning. i rely on the card for both the groceries and for the gas rewards program. it saves me a lot of money, and that works for me. check this week's circular and earn gas rewards.
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weather kid wednesday is back in sessson. if you'd like your kid to be a part of our weatter kid wedneeday progrrm, just have a %-couuselor send their nommnatin -o 2,000 west 41st street, 21211. or they can gg tooour website at -eteorologist steveefertig needs some company so get thoseú entries in. %-kids from in the those are thh times that i get school. here is what is happening on hd raaar ffo now, that is because we're talkkng about hurricane earl, obviously. we're watching the possible track of hurricane earl. -ouusee tat emanating from its oriiin and each line represents a different model that shows the we will be watchhig that closely. yyu will see one that movee a little bit closer inlaad. but everything else steers out to sea and that is what we certainly hope it does.
7:44 am
nevertheless, even though ii's expected for the most part to stty away from the eastern ssaboard, we dd expect the impact of hurricane eerl in the winds. could have 45-mil 60-mile opiinr winds. and strong rip currents, obvioosly. it's still aaconcern regardless of whether it makes andfall or moves out to sea. high pressure that may help to steer it out to sea. for now bringing us a lot of sunshine. it steers around the high cold front rings in cooler air forrthe weekend. it may help push hurricane earlú out to sea, too. hell push it awaa from the area3 the hurrrcane earl track varies and we eed tt keep track of it for the next several days. once a caaegory iv arliest, now it's a categorr iii hurricane with 136 miles er hour inds.
7:45 am
see the cone of uncertainty indicated by the blue takes it3 away from capp patrice, and away from he de delmarva peninsula. we're going to watch it closely obviously. even if it doesn'ttmake landfall, don't reet too easy if you're oo the eastside of ir 95, %-winds ffom it affect ourthe weather. elsewhere, we're looking at -iona in the trooics. it's a tropical storm gusting to 58 miles per hour. this one is less of a concern because it's weaker than earl was at tte same point in time where it is located. it seems to take more of a westerly rack as it moves this ne is further on the mainlanddas it begins for theú workweek. a lot of sunshine. it shoulddbe a prettyyday todayú dew point number. that an indiiation that the
7:46 am
humidity has climbed a little 75 ind.c. of the get a 64 reading in salisbury.ú temperatures are going to be warmmall over. a lot of sun, the central part of the state ccimbing to knife degrees for the high. also a lot of sunshine and the western part of mmryland is getting up to 955ddgrees with a all quiet forrnow. -0 degrees by noon ii what e temperaaure wise at 91 degrees at 6:00 p.m. after getting to the high off95. 65 degrees overnight which is milder than the 61 which weú more cloud cover late on3 thursday, could be early showers on friday due to both earl's passage and also hh frontal boundary moviig in ffom the west. we shouud dry out partly cloudy on friday. eastern shore, maannyyocean city and the general vicinnty or the labor day weekend. you want to leave late on friday and you shhuld be finn, well out
7:47 am
of earr by then. cooler and the nice rest of the ú%ekend and ostly sunny by tuesday. nowwlauren cooke is here with the track edge. , lluren. >> reporter: thank yyu, steve. it's going to e along ritchie ú%rkway at west mckinsey road. route 32 thht you want to watch outtfor. expect very slow peeds traveling through whitemarsh due to a disabled vehicle at the southbound lanee at the beltway. asswe take a live lok, it's going to be sluggiss. looking at a 14-minuue ride to the beltway. we're dealing ith a good bit of congestion moving through thh parkville area. checking in and taking a life look at harford road. that will be exist as you make the push toward towson. beltway, no relief in sight. it's going to be slow where yyu're looking at a 15-minutee3 ride from 795 too95.
7:48 am
we do have an accident that you want to watch ut for in reisterstown that is going to be at route 30 at gilead rood as well aa a down tree and fallen ú%res that is going to be ssutdown aa old york road. it's goinggto be between sttckton and glen bettery road. -- berry road. you will want to stick with alternate. hurricane earl heads for the east coast before the labor day holiday. we want to know what you thiik.3 are you changinggyour labor day3 weekend plans because oo hurricane earl? our phone lines are
7:49 am
7:50 am
hurricane earl threatens to side swipe the east coass on head of the labor day weekend. city are full of visitors onean
7:51 am
labor day. worries that people will change their plans. that bringssussto the questionn3 of the day, are you changing your weekend laaor day plans bbcauus of hurricann arl. our first caller is mel in -altimore. gooo morning, melvin? >> how are you doing p patrice. >> i'm doing well. wwat are you planning to doofor the labor day weekend. >> i'm planning to go to ocean >> and that is not changing? >> when are you heading out? >> i'm thinking of leaving on >> you know they're telling you to leave friday evening so yyu can avoid the storm. ú%'s going toobe stormy in the morning, just a word of advice, -kky. >> mmlvin have fun this weekend. >> let's take a looo at the facebook page, a lot of peopleú write innabout their plans. pamela wrote on facebook, as of right now our family plans aae at the shore.3 and high winds, that won't stop
7:52 am
very ood, just be safe while you do it? >> susan says only if it keep we're supposed to gg to the renaissaace festival. it wouldn't be so much fun, a >> iiwas supposed to go to not so ure of it now. >> hopefully it clears out of here quickly so everyone caa enjoy tteir plann. 35% oo you are saying you are changing your plans because of the hurricanee but 65% say no. coming p later on fox 45 morning news. he is the taak of the mmryland state fair. >> they say that heat has been cent ♪ ♪ so let those who talk of love ssay tuned ffr your chance to win tickets to justin bieber's sold out show. but next, spin, dry andú drain. can cut the eed for a
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7:56 am
it has a buult in reserroir along the bottommthat is supposed to collect the ater after a few seconds of spinning, you cannsee the water that collected n the separated just tip and pour it out. that ss was easy. >> e spun the control bag, too water out. -efrigerator to see how it holdup. the lettuce kkpt in the spin nd store bag is bright and green, ii's not wilted we eventually find a fee spotss but the leaves are crunchy. the kids want to sample our >> may i have some. >> from this reaction alone most deal. %-controlled bag. to check our it doesn't look horrible, but w3 ú%n tell a difference. more wiltee leaves.
7:57 am
-f you're looking for an easy way to handle less tu!letttce at your kids excited about eating ú%. the spin and store may be for you. deal! >> you can buy 2 reusable bags for $122 for more information about theúe at links. p>> coming up in our 8:00 hour, %-soul trrin.ack in time on the the dvds being released this week. aad the material music lovers will find.ú and i'm joee d smith live at maryland emergency management wwere they are tracking hurricane earl. up next, we willl ell you which oneeof these device the ost
7:58 am
as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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-p we're headed to the east cooss. we're live as officials track the latest path the storm and are looking at an area.and. >> how maryyanders are preearing for the worst of hurricane earl. ♪ >> and catchhit. when ou can cure your bieber fever, by winning tickets to the sold ut oncert. good morning. it's ednesday, september firstt i'm patrrce harris. i'm meggn gilliland. waking up to muggy start to
8:01 am
the day. we'rr sayinn the calm before the storm. >> september is coming in with a mmteorologiit steve fertig is %-this is typically the guys, te time wwhn we see the activity pick up. it's ppime time for hurricane season. we're talkinggabout earl and things are quiet on the hd radar. it won't stay that way as we indicating the pathway or possible pathwwys of earl. you see almost all of them take it oot to sea. that means that the inner most part of that area could see some strong winds around ocean city, talling bout strong winds upwards of 50 miles per hoor and ssrf that coulddbe 15-20 eet high. it's definitely going to impact, we thiik the eastern shore. there's a computer moddl indicating thht it moves further inland. 74 degrees is the temperature right now. clear skies with a 743
8:02 am
temperature. ú% degrees in d.c. and 70 in salisbury and 70 in haaerstown. dryyfor ho now but things could change for thursday night and friday we're thinking. enjoy this one while it stays dry, but it's getting more humid. we will talk more earl and fiona as ell in adjust a little bit. right now lauren cooke has a >> rrporter: we have an accident moving throuuh essex.ú it's going to be on the outer loop the cove road that we want to watch out for. we aae dealing with eavy congestion. here iisa liie look at the parkville area. outer loop lanes are goiig to be jammee. ú% you are traaeling them 21--minute ride with an average spped of 25 miles per hour. 75 to 95, you're look atha3 19-minute trip with an average speed of 53 miles per hour. it will be a heavy ride from
8:03 am
whitemaarh. beltwaa you're looking aa a 17-minute ide with an average sseed of 13 miles per hour.ú threat the ttafficcedge report, patrice and megan, back to you. marylaad prepares for thee3 worst from hurricane earl.3 thh stoom is expectee to hit ú%ss as the holiddy weekend apppoaches. it is already immacting vacatio3 plans. baltimore's port were iipacted by earl. the carnival pride and the royal caribbean enchanccment of the seas were forceddto change direccions to avoii some dangerous onditions out there. and take a look at this map here. you caa see wheee earl is now. heeis a category iii storm ripping through the caribbean at ú%is point. the warm weather onlyyfuuling his rage ouu there. the virgin iilandsswhere earln showed upptherr. -trong winds wrecked havoc in ss. john's bay.3 republic and people along the n
8:04 am
his wrath. the government had a briefing with the mayor of occan city to -et the latest on the path. >> looking into friday night what is the big danger here? that ttis storm is predicted to llse streegth as it moves north. oofiiials are still warning that it could trigger evvcuaaions in the u.s. because of severe flooding. the maryland emergency management aggncy is keeping a close watch on hurricane earl. joel d smith has bben there live all morning with the latest on tte preparations that are being maae or whateverrshould happen later this week..3 good morning, joell reporter: haa's the ame,ú patriie. -hatever should hhppen. good morning, we're here at mima day long. the one thhre shows a potential evacuation and nothing is
8:05 am
imminent. throughout here they have a lot coordination is the nummer one thhng here. and thaa would be a state of maryland national guarr. we have charlie from the maryland national guard. are you alwaas aware of what is going on ann in contact with mima duuing thhse times? yes, it's criiiccl forrus oú we work close to mima. we have the operation centerú where our peopll sit with mima. >> reportee: when things happen, what can you do during a hurricane situaaion to help ouu everybooy? >> the request has to come through the local jurisdiction whatever they need and hen it we can provide transportation and help with evacuation whhtever that is needed and we cannprovide additional security. >> reporttr: when was the last time you were needed ffr a sittation like this. >> hurricane isabel is when ww -ere laat called. >> reporter: the track does not look like this.
8:06 am
to the shorr delay your plans until after friday. live at maryland emergency manaaement, joel d smith, fox 45 morning news. it's a popular laboo day weekend travel destination. have made waves at occan city. ú%fe guards are keeping an close watch on rip currenns there. the strong under toe is creatinú dangerous conditions at the beach. luckily many swimmers are nnt venturing too far out nto the ocean foo a swim and iistead they''e keeeing their toes close to the shore. ú% saa, hi, the ater. >> if there's rip currents or be making ressues. weekend.n forcc this labor dayll exaatly whatt s a rip current and how can you ssot one before you get caught? >> anywhere you have a waive break-- wavebreak, you have bube surfaae. where there'ssa rip current.
8:07 am
that is moving out faster than other in the area. farther than anywhere else.sea %-surface where the rip current ú%. if you ggt caught in a rip current swwi parallel to the shore and then once out of the rip current make your way to ú%ndd stay wwth fox 45 morning news for coverage of huuricane earl. we will briig you the latest. we wwll have reports ffom ocean city starting tooight t fox 45 a maryland teenager is facing sexuallabuse and chiid porn charges after police say she abused an 8-year-old girl and taped it. 19--ear-olddpatricia pastor has been charged with sex offensess3 and possessing child porn graph. -he 8-year-old mother found the porn on ppstor's aptop. she is being held.
8:08 am
president obamaa ays that the time has come to turn the page..3 while the will have a draw down of troops will allow for a new focus in the fight against al-qaeda. >> going forwwrd, the troops ill remain in iraq with a differeet mission, advicing and assisting iraq seecrity forces. supporting iraq troops and counter antiterrorism mission and protecting our civilians. vicc pressdent biteden wille in baghhad today for a ceremony. they released an ad that claims that his challenger in the primary voted for a bill he talks how bar 1 tons felder
8:09 am
voted to reduce pay for councilmembers. the company over sees air traffic controllers and computer systems at airports incluuingg3 bwi,,dulles and reagan national. federal authorities saa dozens of errors have bben reported ttis year aaone. the baltimore randdprix isú about to get even bigger. ttoay maaylan mayorrstephanie rawwings-bllke is exxected to announce additiooal racers for the 2011 inaugural event. there wwll be a sneak peek ffr tte cars that ill be featured.ú the indy cars series as been the race. as a participant in downtown over the labor day surprise for his wife sn.
8:10 am
>> what e did that had her in tears. ú%> ann i'm emilyygracie, live %-ffirgroonds where we're going3 learn all abou ú%
8:11 am
8:12 am
get in on all the fun at the fair. there's still plenty of time to head out to all the ttractions. emily racie is here with theú today's hometown hoo spot. i hear you have animals with you. >> reporterr: i do have animals and it's war lock the alppca. we have faalen in love. and rick is here with 4h, tell me about the alpaca show that goes on tonight. >> ttnight we do a participation with the audience ask a unc ano 4h kids. we et uu obstacles and take the
8:13 am
animals through thee. we bring some of the audience to see if they can take the animals through it. the alpacas at the fair..33 -> reporter: we were feeling war llck, very soft coatt ú% we shear them like you would %-we make winterrccothing and sr clothing out of it. it's real warm, second natural warmess fiber there is. it's high-end material. >> reporter: i just love theirrtemperaments. war lock has been grrat this morning. thh maryland state fair is goong on througg next monday.ú there's so mmch to do oot here. you can find all of the information at our website at3 i'm going to hann ouu with war lock here. back to you guys in the studio. ♪ú ♪
8:14 am
one of tte biggest attractioos at this yyar's fair will be a concert featuring jussin bieber. he will be performingglive on suuday septtmber 5th. the shoowis sold out but you can win tickets from us, all this week here on fox 45 morning news.3 but right now we want to get you inno the fair for free. you can win a family 4-pack of tickets to the maryland state right now at (410)481-4545. let's check in witt he has got a look at the fair temperaturrs. you will find a lot of sunshine, guys at the faii today -nd over the ext couple of -ays. 95 degrees, it wiil be a hot one today, 82 tomorrow and aaother hot oneeon riday. as thh temperatures come down for the weekend. friday is a day we're expecting any effects frrm earl to viiit the ocean city area. we will be talking about thatt in fact, let's get to it right now. as we take a llok oveerthe sky watch area which is our home ú%ate of maryyand not very
8:15 am
eventful right now. there are changes coming your -ay whennwe look at the possible -racking of earl. as we look at all different models. these are all representing a different model and different pathway. all take it awwy from tte eastern seaboord. therr's a model thht comes up3 the chesapeake area and hat3 would obvvously not a be a good there's a possiiility we will be talking about strong winds for ocean city.ú higher. strong rip urrents and higher winds upwards of 50 miles per hour or hhgher. again, it could cause some problemss nevertheless, even if it ddesn't make direct impact. east should help to steer it out to the north and east of us. in the meantime ittbrings plenty of sunshine and eeps tte rain to the northwest. the fronnallboundary brings the protect earl further oints east as well. we will watch it closeey,
8:16 am
ú%cause these trackings can change from time to time. while we doo xpect it to be off -he eastern seaaoard,,we have to watch ittbecause of the mild thht is indicating easterly push. the cart gory catergoryyii nown a cctegory iii. as we watch thhs is the conn of uncertainty in the blue area. that is an area that it can be within that we would expect it to be within the mosttlikely scenarro bbing along the central -art of the line you see. after ffiday night, after thursddy night into friday mornnng as ittpasses the path, %-peninsula.the delmmrva we roping tha are hoping that we furtter points east. it's a weaker storm. 50 miles an hour winds. it has picked up a little bitt it's expected nevertheless to stay further toward the east as it moves north. even in it is stronger than
8:17 am
expected t looks like eventually it moves to cool water ann stays off to the east that it is not much of an issue. 80 degrees the currenttemperatur with cloud cover. there's hazy sunshine, mostly but we're seeing ppenty of sunnhine. the humidity is up so youuwill feel that 67 is the ew point.ú 78d.c..and 70 in salisbury. hagerstown at 71 and again we will he soot ttmperatures climb into the 90s. 92 degrees ffr the high while in the central part of the ssate and the western part of maryland e get to about ú% degrees for he high wiih pllnty of sunshine. as far as the rest of the day, goes look at the temperatures to climb to 90-degrees at noon getting o 95 at 3 or 4:00 n3 thh afternoon, 91 at 6:00 p...,ú looking at a mild overnight compared to normal. normal being 61 for low temperature. instead we drop to 699or 70 oveenight. tomorrow a hoo day, 92 degrees, mostly sunny assto start the -wrk cloudsslate in the day. showers possible early friday
8:18 am
-orning as both earl ann the -old front from the wwst hhlp to bring us he chance. we look or improving conditions. if you're headed to the easterr -ant to leave late on friday. by then, earl should be ut of -ere. low 80s through monday. 87 on tuessay with mostly sunny skies. let's see what is happening heee isslauren cooke with the traffic edge. >> reeorter: thank you, we aae dealing with heavy delays on the northeast corridor of 95 all due to an earlier disabled vehicle along the southbound lanes at the beltway. as we check in and ttkk a liveú look. along the belttay.úsloo ride speeds are clocking in and looking at a 14-minute ride along hitemarsh to the beltway. we do have accidents one in ease essex at the outer looo and one at dulaney vallee road. as we take a live look, it's going to be a slow ride from 95
8:19 am
to 83. trippe looking at a 17-minute the west ssde is goinggto be jammed as well as we take a live look at libber teed roovment yo. you can see it's moving faster. we're dealing wwth a down tree -nd fallen wires in monkton that hhs ssutdown. you want to stick with ja jarrettsville pike as an alternate route. game that has been 40 years in the making. when you can seeemaryland take on navy for just a second time in more than 4 ddcades. i'm probably more nervous than anyyody if here. next an airman gives his wife a big surprise. theetouching moment that was
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
%-has been in iraq for the past7 months. >> nothiig compares to this. he isshooe two weeks early and about to surprise his wife -shley. >> i'm probabby more nervous >> reporter: ashley second grade students are in place andú ready to go.3 will's eyes gives away his anttcipation. his wedding ring a constant remindee of what he iss most. >> every ay. >> reporter: suddenlyyashley enters the media center and 7 months of anxious separation are once again home.nd and wife
8:23 am
>> [aaplause] [ cheering ]ú >> ove you. >> you're not upset with him, are you? >> little. >> you like surprises? >> thhs one is a good urprise. good job, babe.3 -pfor aahley, time apart was challenging. >> it was hardd he waa there every day and then he is not there. you don't ave person tt talk to. night, difficult. >> reporter: but today those feelingssare gone replaced by love for country and for each other. >> this right here is wwat we call about america. ú%> very nice. very, very, nice. >> you can hear the ids.
8:24 am
frredom and 15 pounds. weight stay on trackktheir first semester. and next, ii's a match upp3 that has happened just twice in what you can expect at the maryland naay game when the teams kickoff at the home of the
8:25 am
8:26 am
e rivalry is on. maryland verses navy football3 rrturns to the playing field. tte teams last competed in 20053 and before that it had been 40 years. well, the game is monday at m&& bank stadiumm
8:27 am
mark burdette joins thus morning with ore on the game. good morning.ú >> good morning. %-got the navy helmmt..ut that i i wonder why you have tte terp's helmet. >> i'm a terp's alumni, so i had to choose.ú i ad strong feelings for navy. >> have a brother-in-law who went here. the last time they played who won?33 >> maryland terps. >> let's talk about he rivalry and the fun and excitement of bringing it to m&t ank..3 this is a big game. to . itts a ssgnature game for both ú%hools ann our partners, the city and the state are very3 involved. we think ttat the mmryland authority is a an important parú of what we do. >> why is that? everybody thinks of you guys,ú they think ravens and everybody is gearing p for football %-why ii ii so important to get these in there, too.
8:28 am
for sttte aad the ciiy. there's a lot of economic impact that is derief derived ffom game this? >> we have 54,000 tickets sold right now. tell them where they can get the tickets. in the future are you planning to do more event like that, is that the goal to try to fill the stadium more? >> we re selectively tryyng to %-daa.the conccrts and memorial ú%soccer agaii next season.emier >> that was fun. there's a challenge, thee''e not all money maaers ann thhre's a >> i'm not sureewho we're cheering ffo. >> i'm cheering or maryland.d. >> foo more information log on to our website at all riiht. coming up, catch bieber fever.
8:29 am
your chance o win tickets to that sold out concert 30 minutes away. and next, it doesn't ave to -e inevitable. how to hell your college student avoii the freshmen 15. 8:29 is the ime. you are watching fox 45 morning
8:30 am
8:31 am
>welcome back to fox 45 morning news. a llt of people looking ffrward to the weekend and meteorologist steve fertig is ú%re o let us know in hurricanee will affeet us. if you're on theewest side of i-95, you're fine. if you're on the eastside of i--5 you got to pay attention. %-fit the impact will e feet. if you are leaving on friday, you want to leave later better than leaving early, guys. here is a look at sky hd radar. as we takeea look at the ú%fferent xiew at th computer t are showing us the different pathways, each line indicates the computer model, and eech one strong winds and high surf andor
8:32 am
rip currents that may affect your beginning the weekend. as far as whattwe got right now, though, he bus stop 744degrees 80 degrees and ii should be dry all day. we will seeethese temperatures warm up, too. we will head toward 95 egrees for high under dryyor rather -unny skies, a southwest wind a3 5-10 miles per hour. ú% will talk more about hurricane earl in just a few minutes. -ight now let's check ii on lauren cooke what has the traffic edgg. with two accidents, one in easex along the outer loop at cove %-as we check in the bellway at the parkville area. you will notice it's going to be slow along he uter loop anes. -ou're loo looking at 27 miles r hour. the west side of the beltway 95.l remain jammed from 795 to
8:33 am
ú%-minutt ride with an average speeddof 38 miles per hour. we do have a new accident on the northeast cooridor of 95. it will beeat the lanes at %-to delays from whitemarsh to e beltway. where you're look ago an 11-mmnute ride with an average speed of 45 milessper hour. patrice and megan, back to you. maryland prepares or worst3 from hurricane earl.ú the category iii sttrm is expected to hit just as the holiday weekend approaches. it's already ripping through the caribbean. so what should you do to bb prepared? joel d smith is liie at the marryand emergency management agency as it preparessfor alll3 the different possibilities. ú%od morninn, joel. pattice.ter: good morning,ú that is it. -ut ot ecessarily expectiig it baaed on all models we're seeing here right noo. we arr not seeing the likelihood that something is going to %-ready anyway. guys got to be how big the public?
8:34 am
how eady should they be right noww3 >> the pubbic should have a family plan and a preparednnes kit. they should have a plan to evacuate or shelter in place. that is not just hurricanes, winter storms and tornados. >> reporter: how could things change anddhhw will you react. >> we will have tto!! 2 conferee calls 1 at 11:30 and to get tte of the storm. if the storm starts to go farther west than the models are shooing us, then we will have concerrs about the potential evacuations at the easteen shore. >> reeorter: what are winds levels that would concern yoo? >> anything, 70 to 75-mile-an-hour range. essential folks in ocean city flooding and we are not anticiiating that the right now. %-bottom line hhre.s the always be ready and they're
8:35 am
going to keep tracking this3 obviously things can change. live at maryland emergency managemeet, joel d smith, fox 45 morning news. college fressmen have aalot to look forward to, but one thing that could come with that3 first year away from ome is the dreaded freshmen 15. so how can you help your kids keep those pounds off? p> dr. lauren is an associate profess for and director of the john hopkins wwight mmnaaement center. to share some tips to keep these kids healthy. >> good morning. >> good morning. this is no myth. yyu're going to gain a liitle bit f weight when you head out to school. >> ofttn thht happens. it's not 15 pounds. it's 2 1/2 to 6 pounds is ttpical. >> thatts a lot of weight to gain inntte fist couple oo months. >> i think it's mostly theú we re used to having a fairly reguuated set of meals and activities. then you go to a new
8:36 am
environment. there was a study that came out very interesting that shows that the type of dormitory yyu're in can influence how mucc weight you gain. innthe dor!! dormitory has the cafeteria in the building, you are more likely to gain the weight. >> that was my problem. a lot of people eating whatevvr is there not thinking of three meals a day like ttey used to have. %-like alcohol calories which becomes a problem. freshmen, though. -hpefully thee're not drinking at the ages of 18, 19, aad which!!20..ut forrthe kids goino sccool how can they keep heir ú%ight in check. %-to be aware ta it' thht it's w environment and the food ii readily available and bbffet style and not it through several different versions of by. >> ometimes it's hard as you %-and what is not.eteria what iy
8:37 am
>> weethink we're having a serving wwen it's a plate of pasta and it's more like 5 >what can the parents do as ú%ey end theer ids out? >> exppessingginterest. what is going on nd what3 they're doing and staying inú that things are not right.ns >> obviously, exercise can important, too. near o the gym, especially for the boys they're more likely to as well.úr the men and the women >> great advicc. hophopefully this will help them fit during their freshmen year. for more information log on toú still to come, it's yoou %-justin bieber, live in concer. stay tuned ffr yyur opportunity to win tickets to his sold out show.
8:38 am
♪ soul train, wher whhn you can bg the
8:39 am
8:40 am
each retting a different computer moddl. -- eacc representing a different computer model. %-inland.úe that brings it
8:41 am
that would not be a good scenaaio. each takes it out to sea. -way from the eastern seaboord and does not ake direct impactú winds and a ssrong under ccrrent or a rip currenn and as well a lot of high waaes in terms of 15520-foot waves. it may still impact the ocean city area. weeexpect it to o that, it may -e a better scenario thaanif it had moved further points west. ú%gh pressure is one of the reasons why as high pressure continues to move out to sea..3ú it will ring that system further points east. sunshiieethe time being today and omorrow before thh next front moves in. ttat front could bring cooler ú%r for the weekend and aii in pushhng hurriiane earl further ú%ints north and west. we don't want toorest comfortablebll on this, because things can change and move further points west as we get closer to the ttme west. it's a better scenario as it
8:42 am
moves west. it was a category iv hurricane yesterday. it's still considerrd a major hurricane right now.3ry iii it has weaken a little bit. gusting to 150 miles per hour. it's 149 miles east of miami florida, againnmoving toward the cape patrice area and it turns further points north and perhaps moving toward the north and east away from the dellarva peninsula. that is the area that we could likely scenarioo moving further north and east away from us as we get into the latter part of friday. if you ot plans towarddthe ocean city area or the eastern %-weekend which many oo you wil, you willlppobably want to leave later on friday just to make sure and be safe rather than leaving early on friday. f oiik!!ion is a weaker storm.
8:43 am
we got 60-mile-an-hour wiids ú%w. it has climbed a little bit up the lad ter de ladder in terms . ittdoes expect to moveefurthee points east as it moves north than earl is moving..3 so even if it doos stayy3 stronger, it will be a away from the eastern seaboard. not s much a concern. it does apppar it will weaaen. hazy sunshine out there. 67 is the dew point. humid today.e about theemore 80 degrees is the temperature in baltimore and 78 in d.c. and 71 in hagerstown. goinggto climb quitt a bit into the 90ss eastern shore high temperature, plenty of sunshhne, and south3ú wind at 5-10 miles per hour. 95 degrees for the high and the western part of maryland, too, getting up to 95 degrees with lot sunshineethere aad look for3 the temperatures to ccimb to 90 degrees by noon. a quick warm up, 91 at 6:00 p.m.
8:44 am
after hitting the high of 95 somewhere around 3 or 4:00 thii afternnon. %-normal low.compared to the we droo to 61 degrees overnight. tonight we're looking to 69 deerees or 70 for the overnight low temperature and the mainly clear skies. tommrrow hottday, 92 deggees, friday expect the clouds to be increasiig late thursday into early friday. both earl and the frontal boundary from thh wwst is moving innouu direction. bringing us a direction drying out and a little more sunshine. 89 egrees for the hhgh tempprature. look for the holiday weekend to be very niie ooceewe get past friiay. 83 on sunday, veey pleasaat ú%okiig holiday wwekend and mostly sunny skies.ay with once again. traffic edge to let you know how it looks out there. >> reporter: thank you, steve. we are dealing with a seriousú%y it's at sever severna park.
8:45 am
as an alternate route. we are dealing with problems due it involves a tractor traaler. you wwll notice theesouthbouud lanes are pretty slow. we are problems on the beltway where we're dealing with a cras3 along outer loop lane at dulane3 valley road. it's going to be crowded along the outer loops as weemake the push towarddtooson. as we take a live look at liberty road, we areedealing with a gooo bit of volume only 15-minute ride from 775 to 95. if you're traffin!! traveling o3 it is wiie open, you're looking at a 5-minute ride from shawan road to the eltwaymen beltway.. we'rr dealing with a down tree and stoc stockton road and glen
8:46 am
bettery road..3 you want o stick witt jarrettsville pike as aan3 alternate routt. patrice nd megan, back to you. minutes away. we re giving away justin bieber %-♪ 73s in just a few miiutes. >> and next boogge down mmmory from the pass ann catch soul
8:47 am
i spent my childhood in the summertime with my grandparents up at their farm, and that's where i learned all about vegetables -- when they're ready to be picked and the best time and season to eat them. nothing beats the taste of fruits and vegetables in the summer. that's why at giant, you'll find farm-stand quality fruits and vegetables at prices you'll love. this week, enjoy orchard perfect peaches and nectarines, 99 cents a pound, and grape tomatoes, $1.88 a pint. if something's in season, i know my store is going to have it, and that works for me. celebrate summer, every time you shop with your giant card.
8:48 am
ggt on the ssul train. time life is commemorating the 40th anniversary of soul train with a 3dvd set. time live is making questt3 %-music director with late night with jimmy fallen available to talk with us about the best of soul train.
8:49 am
>> good morning. >> good morning, patrice. how are you. >> i'm feeling my age because my -ousin and my brother used to watch this while growing up. thhs was the usual appointment. >> the same or me, too. this rrveals myyage, too. >> talk about soul train, though, because it was such an i mean it was differenn thann3 anything else that was out there at the time. soul train wws that show that pretty much in african-american house shoaldz you gohouseholds r thh first time people that look like you dancing, you saw, commercials, or women,,they evee had -- they even turned tteir johnson commercials into 60 second mini, i guess tutorial
8:50 am
on how to apply your makeup and how to do your hair. >> all kiids of things ww learned from the show. >> it was more than just a dance ssow. >> a lot f people did goothere to learn some moves? and the fashioo, you can't forget about the fashion. >> you can't take the fashion out of the quation. soulltrain is a show thatú %-formerly regional.3at were -t exposed new artists that you ú%d nevvr seen before. it exposed educatiin, the fact that the soul train scramblee board was a way o sort of educate you on historical figuree. it taught you everything, yes, even the dancing. >> let's talk about the dvd. -hat is n that because we're perrormances i'm sure?3 >> you have a lot of classics. theyypretty much tuck to the '70s. a lot of prime performmnces aad
8:51 am
you get to see, james brown live especially with the favorite of the show demita joe free man dancing wwth them. and the both offthem happened to be on the show at the same time. so don sort of booked it up for arethra to be at the piano and smocky and they sang, baby, baby together. it was a magicaa moment. p> a lot of things bout the show were magical. %-about more time to talk people are going to have to go and get the dvd. p> can ou do the sign off wishing you. >> wishing you peacc, looe and ssul. >> that's right. ú%eat to talk with you this mornnng. thann you so much. >> thank you. %-shape after a lazy summer of
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
lying at the pool. thh biggest challenge can be setting up a plan and staying on track. dr. mollica marshal has ips.33 %-tool to banish the bulge..3 it helps you to keep track of
8:55 am
calorres. ú%study shows it' t's a winning formal. ú%searchers recruited 75 volunteers many one group received 2 to 5 text messages daily, printed ddy revise and the other one onll received handouts..3 and meal planning.ú thh pants that received the text lost four ore poundssthan those who rrceived handouts. the calorie countinggplan is more fun using your cell j@t
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they say that hate has been sent ♪ú ♪ so let those to talk of love ♪ of love one the biggees attractionsú at this yyar's fair will be a concert featuring justin bib bieber. he will be perffrming live on sunday, september 5th. the show is sold out. you can win tickets from usú be the 4th caller at (410)481-4545 to win a pair of ticcets to the show. this is the moment thatteveryone has been waiting ll morningg3 long. we are giiing them way all i prooise you, theephone lines do start oot clear. people think that the phone lines are riggee. we get messages, we have calling askkwe can't get through. that's because you're not the ú%ly one calling. >> a lot of peoppe trying to get through. >> good luck.ú >> it will be fun. >> hopefully on sunday, the -urricaneewill be out and it
8:59 am
will be nice weether. hurricane biiber moves [ laughter ] >> it's something that is goinn to affect the oceen cityyaaea. of course, we're talking about probably ake a look at sky hd radar, probably moving out to storm. we will watch. onlyyone movessittiiland. the strong winds and people wiih that is sometting. otherwise we are lookiig at teeperature wise, temperaturee -taying in the 90s foo today and tomorrow. it will be a comfortable ú%ekend..3 >> i ill be in on friday t ocean ity for that nice storm. >> going laaer. >> see you tomorrow.

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